Tuesday, September 27, 2005

I was thinking somewhat about one of my favorite aspects of the ultimate cultures: the stacked team, created specifically for a fun tourney and spanning members of teams from across the nation. It's a great time to build comraderie among those who are usually your rivals and, if you come together well, kick some ass. The names of these teams can be irreverent, or insightful, or none of the above. And sometimes, teams beg to be named for them.

Here I have a theoretical team I'd love to see at a tourney somewhere. However, I withhold naming them. I'd like some input. What would an appropriate name be for a team comprised of the following individuals?

Phil Burkhardt
Peter Washington
Stephen Poulos
Matt Guy
Dennis Karlinski (sp?)
Ryan Seguine
Adam Goff

There's some talent there, to be sure. But there is also...something else. I invite suggestions.