Thursday, October 29, 2009

Club Nationals

The UPA Club Championships begin in 9 hours.
I couldn't be more excited. Tons of coverage, live scores.

Round 1 - Sockeye
Madison breaks to begin the game. The sun is scorching in clear skies. Sockeye quickly breaks back, trading to 4-4. The Fish play very poachy, taking chances for D's and along with the breakdowns. Nate Bosscher rips a huge flick to Skittles as Murder Club led 7-6. Sockeye was clutch, holding on offense and breaking to take half 7-8. Equally as tough was losing a break out of half, now down 7-9. Club revamped the energy and matched Sockeye's newfound intensity pushing the game 9-9. Ben & Seth Wiggins both played well as Seattle led 11-13. To the very last points, there were multiple turns and marathon points in the heat, both teams exchanging blows. Taking the full two hour round, Sockeye closed 12-15 as Bravo watched on, having already taken down Machine 15-9.

Round 2 - Bravo
Club breaks to begin the game in a slow warm-up jog. The heat is significant - near 90 and easily 75% humidity. Bravo plays with fire and energy, breaking to lead 2-4 with quick strikes. Bravo increases the pressure and Madison misses 3 clear up-wind strikes on risky looks as Colorado storms to half 4-8. The sideline is beaten, Madison's spirit shocked. Only when Club relaxed, did the energy reappear and the score close to 10-13. Bravo finished strong 11-15, as Sockeye did the same to Machine.

Round 3 - Machine
Club owned Chicago all season, but Nationals was a different story as Machine broke to lead 0-2. Murder Club fought disc movement against zone defenders to make it 3-4. The sun was melting players, as both teams suffered from cramps. Probably 20 substitutions were made down the stretch. Machine took a 12-9 lead in the stiff wind on Tim Holt's rocket upwind flick. Murder Club had a goosebumps moment in the huddle and decided to win. The universe line appeared as Club overpowered to 13-13. With a chance to win after a ruled D, a non-in hand-off was called shenanigans as Machine tied it 15-15. Seth Meyer makes two straight baller plays and skies for the winning goal off a Feldman Floater giving Madison the 17-15 win.

Madison Club plays Madcow and Jam in the first two rounds tomorrow morning...

Round 1 - Madcow
Ohio breaks first and steals the early energy, leading 2-4. Madison responds to make it 6-6 before yielding half. Both teams find a rhythm on offense going upwind, trading to 13-13 without a turnover. Madcow receives on universe point 16-16 and manages another cutter flick bomb for the win 16-17.

Round 2 - Jam
Despite the letdown, Madison can still makes prequarters in a win over Jam and a Machine win over Madcow. Jam looks exhausted, but plays efficient offense -- taking a quick 1-4 lead and stretching to a 2-6 advantage. Madison digs deep and puts on a break train to make it 7-7, before dropping a disc for half. Idris gets angry with Jake Meyer's excessive contact down field and begins jawing at Jake half an inch from his face. Veteran Jadon sees it going down and bombs into the situation, side-checking Idris and earning the team's first PMF. The excitement only fired up Murder Club. Jam played better in the second half, taking a slight lead 10-12 and pulling away late 12-15. The outcome of the day depended on Machine's finish with Madcow as it was universe point, Machine receiving. Tyson Park ripped a big backhand and Machine shoved in a stuff-and-score to win, sending Madison into second place in the pool and into the bracket for ninals and 11th.

Round 1 - GOAT
Canada took an early lead 1-4, looking solid. Madison broke back to 6-6, then lost half 6-8. With more motivation to battle in the heat, GOAT was still upset about going down to Bravo in prequarters after being up 12-8. With efficient deep shots the Defense made plays down the stretch, winning 12-11.

Ninals - Truckstop
The fourth game against Truckstop started like all the rest as Truck hit big shots and went up 2-4. Madison used gritty D to make it 6-6, before losing half 6-8. The score evened at 9-9, game to 2. Hector Valdivia subbed himself into the game and then made a ridiculous leaping layout D on a high swing pass. Madison couldn't convert losing 9-11 and settling for 10th in a World's qualifying year.

The women's final was an exposition of Fury's dominance. Cree Howard was catching Georgia Bosscher hucks constantly. Alex Synder was moving the disc fast and their team speed was overpowering, winning 15-3.