Thursday, July 14, 2011

You stand alone, ten plates in the hole.
It's you versus the weight.
You're thinking, "I'm gonna get friggin' crushed."
You're thinking, "I'm not gonna get up."
But you will.
Yeah, you'll puke.
Yeah, it'll be hard getting off the crapper the next couple days.
But it'll be worth it, cuz when there's chalk on your hands and sweat on your back, there's no better place in the world.
This is pain.
This is Animal.
Can you handle it?

I've been killing the my new Lifting Program.
Front squat is my new fav.
Reverse Lunge is taking me to bed.
Don't even talk to me about Wall Ankle Mobs.
And STFU about the PallofPress Holds!
But for serious.
This squat til you puke picture is hilarious. This wedgie is too good to be true.
I'm also loving this quote: (although a bit blunt)
-Put More Weight on the Fucking Bar – Lift heavier, get stronger. Fucking magic.

In the last 34 days I've put in 96 hours of "fitness" -- with my activities including sprints on the track, pick-up ultimate, throwing murderball huckbombs with Julie, winning tournaments (#8&counting2011), weekend practice or scrimmage, and weight lifting - specifically front squat, power cleans, dead lifts, reverse lunges, pallopressholds, bench press and DB military press. I kinda want to power/hang clean 225 (see animal video). My abs look so good, I could win a bodybuilding contest.

I put down 108 Murderslams on the Wednesday prior to Potlatch.
Wisconsin then pwnd on Muckamuck as I could hit the back cones all day!
I found this picture in a Rodrigo muscle magazine under his bed.

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