Monday, January 15, 2007

We're beginning to rival the Chicago Climate Exchange.


  • WUCC - Anticipation building for 2010. Buy now!
  • CUT - A pricey stock, but 2007 should have higher yield than 2006. Annual Memorial Day investors meeting should go off without any hitches this year.
  • Matthew Sewell, Inc. - Like you read about.
  • DoG - Partially depends on where the speedy future doctor gets into med school, but a good buy. Returns on the quarter ending Dec. 31 were far below expectations; look for some heads to roll/retire.
  • Georgia Tech
  • 11th Edition - Good clarifications? Too hasty? Can a veteran thrower still always draw a foul? Questions abound.
  • Kyle Weisbrod - Smaller work load, but zero pay. Though unsavory set-up for investors, returns may still be great.
  • Patagonia sponsorship - Analysts curious as to what 2007 has in store, but delighted with ~70% market share.
  • UCPC - Collective weight of brains may shatter Newton South's auditorium floor. Get a waiver, George. (Headline risk?)
  • Fury - Be wary of Bay Area club's futures market... eagerly looking forward to 2007 line-up.
  • Metro East - Hasn't been on the Buy list since the region's inception (1999).
  • Tim Murray - Montana? Okaaay...
  • Chain Lightning - Will it get better than semis?
  • Justice League - Sell, sell, sell.
  • Wham-O - Reeling in the spending on ultimate? Sucks to be you. Still.
  • Logo battles.