Thursday, November 30, 2006

Here's a rundown of essential holiday gifts for that special someone, whether it's your significant other, recently addicted (to ultimate) teenager, or estranged, ultimate-playing relative. In no particular order:

You know what would be fun right now? To go out and toss. And no matter where in the world you're located right this second, you could actually do that with a Flashflight. The best light-up disc on the market is 185 grams of well balanced plastic and colored LED lights of your choice. From the beaches of Siesta Key to the moonlit quad, everyone needs a Flashflight.

Ultimate: The First Four Decades
If you're reading this you are probably aware of this book. But you might not be aware that you should own it. The book pays for itself if all you do is tear open the DVD. Have you seen this thing? Among many other ESPN Classic–worthy reels is George Plimpton doing a documentary on ultimate! (Do you know what other sports documentary features George Plimpton? When We Were Kings. Rent it.) Anyway, then there's the book itself. Hours of research and labor, exquisite photographs generously donated by our photographers, and scores of sidebars you can use to impress your friends. And all these people did it on less per day than what it takes to feed Rachael Ray.

UVtv Subscription
Check out these offerings! This is maybe the best combination of ability to order from your desk and enjoyment on the other end. Don't worry, it's easy to sign up. Naturally, UltiVillage also offers many DVDs for your ultimate gift recipient.

Lifetime UPA Membership
Give the gift that keeps on giving, literally. Your loved one will be a member of the Ultimate Players Association until he or she goes to a better place. Magazines, Board elections, and a lifetime of dues.

Photographic Prints
Ultimate is perhaps the most photographable sport on the planet. Many sports are relegated to 525 lines of video (okay, or 1080, or 720), but in ultimate... photography remains one of the surest ways to show off the athleticism in the sport. Remember that shot of Nord from Nationals last year? OBSCENE. Some of our favorite photographers include Andrew Davis, Bil Elsinger, Matt Lane, and Scobel Wiggins. Grab a print from them and improve someone's cubicle.

Replica Team Gear

For authentic Furious, Team USA, or vintage Jam gear, head over to Gaia. Sockeye's got their own website, and otherwise get in touch with your local club team. Many of them have stuff for sale.

Gift Cards
What's the retail industry catch phrase here? "Give the gift of choice, if it's December 23rd and you lost touch with this person years ago"? Yeah, do that. Our favorites include Gaia and Patagonia. We also thought that it would be nice (really nice) if you sent someone to a tournament -- but how? Dates, flights, airports... what a mess. Try a Southwest Airlines gift card.