Monday, January 09, 2006

Set to drop this week: an 11 chapter, 5500 word rehash of Potlatch in five pieces. You get one piece each day for the length of the work week.

For you college kids, a homework assignment:
You are about to start the spring semester. The responsibilities and duties of your position on your Ultimate team will be too great to ever spend any time with people other than your real friends, your teammates. The ones who understand you.
Your homework due between now and the beginning of your semester is to call your fake friends, the ones that don't play Ultimate, and spend an evening together with them before you part ways and they never see you until after the season is over. They don't understand what the fuck it is you do or why you're never available to hang out so getting in some face time now while it's still an option might be a wise idea. Just a thought. Class dismissed.