Thursday, January 05, 2006

My brother is still in Mexico until the end of the week, but the rest of his housemates proved competent in themselves this afternoon.
Three members of the Wisconsin Hodags, Ted Tripoli, Brandon "Muffin" Malicek, and Nate Hurst, rushed into a burning house this afternoon after they noticed it was being engulfed in flames while practicing their nationals-winning throws in the park by their home. They pulled from the house two fine duders completely unaware of the inferno, let alone the fact their lives were being saved by members of an team trained to kill with speed and i/o precision.
Read the story or watch the hilarious footage of Muffin's interview with the news crew.
As the anchorman talks, pay close attention to the time the event took place...Muffin, what were you doing right before you went out to throw?


Dave said...

This seems to be a new trend in the midwest. See the forum for the story.

Don Seiler said...

man I used to live on St. James Court on the 1200 block. That house should have been burned to the ground.