Saturday, January 14, 2006

Since there's one thing Ultimate needs, it's definitely one more ranking methodology. With the poorly named NUMP emerging last year in addition to two UPA-driven ranking systems, we figured we throw our hat in as well.

1. Colorado
Losing on double game point and retaining almost everyone, Mamabird is the presumptive favorite to win the national title.

2. Stanford
Though losing Handler and Herbert, this team picked up Neale Mahoney (Brown '05) and retains the rest of the faceless.

3. UBC
They hang on to Hibbert and Pottinger and -- by the way -- their big time players just won Club Nationals? Yeah, they'll do okay. Don't they have their own college nationals?

4. Wisconsin
The Hodags need to shake their habit of losing big games. Enough talent to make it far, but questions remain in the coaching department. This region has one bid and Regionals in Madison should help.

5. Oregon
Finally, the last Wiggins is gone. Hating aside, the Eugene Gentlemen's Organization has been recruiting the last couple years and Oregon state's high school Ultimate scene is among the most potent.

6. Florida
Kirk Gibson and his crew aspire to get to Columbus. When they do, expect noise... and some duct tape over their UFUCT logos.

7. Georgia
Dylan Tunnell remains one of the best athletes in the college game. If his teammates can bring it, too, Jojah will be a threat. In our opinion Tunnell is also among early leaders for the Callahan Award

8. UC San Diego
Sure they lost Kubiak, but this team knows their Nationals bid is locked up. If they peak at the right time again (hint: May 27) we'll see pink bandanas on CSTV again.

9. Michigan State
Though we can't recall the last time a Great Lakes team made quarters at Nationals (hm, no, actually it was 2001) this team will look to improve on their CCC finals appearance.

10. Brown
They lost most/all of their starters, their Callahan- and Gold Medal-winning poster boy, and -- perhaps most significantly -- their Eli of a coach, Nathan Wicks.

Women's Top 10 to follow....


mark said...
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mark said...

hmm, Illinois made quarters in 2003.

If MSU has more depth (and it seems they do) they will be pretty dangerous.

Anonymous said...

MSU hasn't been the same since Luscious Delicious disapeared into asia.

CJL said...

nobody biting on this one, that's interesting. this kind of thing on rsd gets torn up.

maybe your readers are hungover from hector's expose...of himself.

degs said...

Yes, mark is correct... Illinois 'upset' NC State in '03 to make quarters.