Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Starting Seven
1. My travel Pillow
2. Skin on and around both elbows, hips, right knee
3. One brown dress shoe, size 12
4. some disc, stolen now at least three times over
5. dignity, on the steps of the Bellagio
6. Rowan's glasses
7. Matthew Pankratz, at last head count

Official Vegas lines on Next weekend's aptly named Trouble in Vegas (college edition) were released yesterday. I sat down at the sports book couches of the Bellagio with a pad and pen and wrote down as many of the interesting ones as I could. I will write them here, as they were displayed, tonight.



Anonymous said...

I found your pillow. The little reddish one? I am keeping it next to my madison ultimate clipart t shirt and a polaroid of your scrotum. You probably don't want the pillow anymore after what I did to it last night....

Andrew Brown said...

Pankratz miraculously turned up soon after you guys left, with stories that we'll hear for years I'm sure. Despite a thorough search of the room, Rowan's glasses never turned up but many other items did, including but not limited to: a toothbrush, several pairs of socks, what must have been Tyson's shorts (too small to belong to anyone else), and Maria's half-sweater.


Cuco said...

I had stared at the belly of the beast, felt its stomach acid and returned to warn the world. Las Vegas, college edition, is going to end in ruin and woe.

As I conversed with Whit and other players from teams around the country, one thing became clear: no one has any fucking clue how crazy it's going to get. They are all in denial. Most of those players are on teams looking to win the tournament outright, but they're fighting a losing battle. Trying not to party is like walking around all day with a midget around your neck, easy at first but before midday, the weight will pull you down.

I always enjoy your writing. It is descriptive, creative, and colorful.

Almost as much as I enjoy the fact that: on MUFAChat, instead of the descriptive prose, most people would see just one little potty word. Man, that is funny.