Wednesday, March 15, 2006

The market's going crazy these days. Also, the UFSE will soon be a publicly traded stock.


  • Georgia - currently undervalued, sure to rise.
  • Alex Snyder - Women's callahan favorite will pay dividends on your voting investment come May
  • - Daag's gift to the people is cheap enough to warrant a token investment so early in its existence, though the pictures of the entire Davidson men's team make registering hard to stomach
  • Jolian Dahl - still a buy
  • Ryan Krug - 500,000 reasons to buy. stay tuned.
  • Mamabird - take advantage of their dip in price to get in before their ascent
  • Jam - syke! still not going to win it all. But Bruss makes this stock a hot novelty item
  • Ultimatetalk - the smarter people in the game get together to bounce ideas. But how long until the inane babbling in the Live Message text box becomes an on-demand rsd?
  • Colorado Kali - it's just a two horse race. Make your choice and ride.
  • Stanford Superfly - see above
  • Hh - second quarter expectations will be met. Booya.
  • Hodags - too pricey to get into now, but a sound stock to hold in Ohio
  • CUltimate - Byron, Skip, Skizip massage the heart of a dead invite back to life, and show what happens when adults are in charge. Earlier criticism of the commercial angle to TDing silenced.


  • Carleton - reports trickling in of miles-long lines of mice streaming out of Northfield, MN
  • Collegeulti fact-checking machine - Busted. way busted
  • Collegeulti School of Grammar - the company declared bankrupcy, stock useful only as toilet paper
  • Atlantis TD
  • Arizona - speculation bubble that keeps them in the top 16 will burst in San Diego come regionals


_dusty_ said...

Just to clarify:
icultimate-college women's website run by Gwen A.

CUltimate-TDing corporation run by Byron and the Skips.

I'd add the following:
Buy: Stanford Bloodthirsty- shareholders got scared after the Invite and dumped stock at a blinding pace. Buy now while the price is low, it's sure to rise in the next month.

Brown: See Stanford.

Hold: UFUCT-look to dump this stock after it peaks at Centex and before it crashes at Sectionals. Many count this as a blue-chip stock, but history has shown that the outlook between April 15th and May 28th is grim.

Sell: Michigan, MSU. Terminus is a far cry from Centex, despite semis appearances for both teams. These teams have nowhere to go but down. You could parlay this into a big gain by getting back in when the price bottoms out after Centex and then selling again when the price peaks after Regionals. Do not hold these stocks into the last half of May, as they usually disappoint.

Hh said...

yep with the CUltimate - fixed.

Anonymous said...

Why does a Hodag transplanted in CO love Jojah so much? Not saying they aren't good or worthy of acclaim. They certainly have got the goods this year. I am just curious where your love affair with Dylan and the rest of the crew began.

Anonymous said...


Megan O'Brien, UBC - She has come back from a year off and will be leading her team to their first nationals appearance in 7 years. Definite sleeper pick for Women's Callahan. UBC has already made semi's at Vegas and Stanford with the help of her leadership.

Georgia Tech - Given Florida their toughest games of the season, been fairly consistent and are just waiting to explode.

CollegeUlti - Despite the hate, people still seem to check this site every week eagerly waiting for the new power poll and the next controversial article.


Mens Callahan Hype - Started strong, has dropped off, will rev up again after centex.

Florida - They are for real.


Beau - He'll win Callahan, but not this year.

Wisconsin - Carleton will beat them at regionals

Any team from the ME - The battle for 15th at nationals is never exciting.

Hh said...

It might be the time at CCC that Dusty decided it might be a good idea to clock Carrington, and found out otherwise.
It might also be when Dylan cemented himself as a star in the club circuit against the best.
But it's probably because they keep winning at regionals when it matters.

I would also make this distinction: collegeulti seems to equate the titilating word "controversial" with "poorly researched and/or written." The two are not the same. Criticism stemming from fradulent data and poor grammar is not synonymous with 'buzz'.

Anonymous said...

And what are Hh's second quarter expectations?