Monday, October 23, 2006

Right Now...

At Bravo's last practice of the year there was a family of two boys and their parents at the track. The parents had their eldest son doing 200 M repeats while the younger of the two boys did three step approaches on regulation hurdles. The boys ages I'd estimate to be 11 and 8. Despite the cold, the 3 inches of snow from the night before, the parents were cracking the whip on their eldest son to push himself as he did each 200.

At the end of one the mom turned to the dad and said, "Make him do two more. Two more would be good for him." To which the boy, bent over at the waist and sucking air replied,

"I'm about to puke. Maybe you should shut the hell up and go home." Wierd.


Right now...

...Monster is discussing on their email list who is bringing what drinks to the fields.

...Twisted Metal is wondering what game against a big-name opponent they're going to almost win.

...Tim Paymaster, Misha Horowitz, and Danny Clark all have some type of nagging injury. Again.

...Alex DeFrondeville is eligible for social security.

...All the Open division players are making fun of the Mixed division.

...Ben Wiggins is in front of a mirror trying on different shades of eye black.

...Brendon Steets and Todd Owens are united in prayer.

...Cyle Van Auken is looking at pictures of himself at college nationals.

...Cyle Van Auken wishes this was college nationals.

...Justice League is bored looking at cabinets at the Home Depot.

...Dr. Chris Hinkle is calling some first year doctoral candidate a dildo.

...Colin Mahoney is lumbeing about ackwardly.

...Rob is hoping UVTv subscriptions sell like crack in Baltimore.

...Tyson Park is visualizing 70 yard forehand blades.

...Jim Parinella is stirring metamucil and smelling of AsperCreme.

...John Hammond is trying to have a conversation and not making any sense.

...Sub Zero is failing to convince themselves they can beat Bravo at nationals.

...The plans Furious has to contain Dave Boardman are doomed to failure.

...Matt Bruss is no longer claiming status as unblastable.

...Revolver is the highest seeded "happy-to-be-here" in history.

...Justice League is wondering about the dates for Revolver tryouts.

...Jeff Cruikshank is unaware of what the word "mark" means.

...someone is underrating A.J. on Chain.

...someone is overrating Jeff Graham. think you know Beau.

...Andrew Brown is waking up sweating from a nightmare in which he turned the disc over.

...Johnny Bravo is not concerned.

...VC ultimate is concerned.'re wishing your Gaia cleats had not just blown out.

...the memories of the Sarasota sun and sand are already warming me.

...Benjamin Cohen is looking at a fire alarm suspisciously.


Anonymous said...

5 days from right now... I will be laughing when despite your constantly running, 50% shit talking/50% ass kissing mouth, Bravo gets knocked the f out in Quarters again.

Not to get too personal, but damn man, give it a rest, we all get it, you think your team is good, so does every other team in Sarasota

Hh said...

or, you could take your eyeballs to another website and stop wasting your time here.

Not to get too personal, just a suggestion. You'd probably laugh harder elsewhere. Like a mirror.

Anonymous said...

Middle school comeback aside, Ultimate Talk is a public forum, should I avoid RSD as well because Crazy Frank is an annoying fuck or tell him to shut up like everyone else does.

Talking never won shit, why don't you just back it up in Florida and then gloat all you want after.

BrussSucks said...

For anonymous. It's Hector's right to post what he wants and your right not to read it. Just because it pops up on ultimatetalk doesn't mean you have to click on it. But that being said, it is also your right to comment but maybe you should stop being a pussy and attach a name so he knows who to bitch on the fields. That's just my feelings about it. Good luck to all of you at nationals.

Hh said...

Ultimate Talk is a news/blog aggragate. You are at my blog. I've talked and played through my entire career, you should know two things:
1)it's not going to stop.
2)your criticism means nothing.

Mine shouldn't either. With only one or two exceptions, I love all those duders I talked about, and love playing against them just as much. if you want rainbows and ponies, the mixed division has a spot for you.

If you'd like to offer criticism of my writing or toss a few shots back, I'd love it. If you're coming here to poo poo the fact I wrote what I did, I suggest your time would be better spent keeping on the hush.

tp said...

...Hector Valdivia is slowly caressing the inner thigh of whomever is sitting next to him, in this case probably degs.

...Parker Krug gets jealous and starts beating up JV.

...JV then tells Johnny Bravo to not suck each other's dicks yet.

...Beau wishes somebody was sucking his dick.

tp said...

Am I right or am I right? Si no que si? No que no?

Simon limon.

Mickey said...

Not to get to personal, But Damn hilarious. Get over it! Hector has the balls to put his thoughts down for you to view and that should be enough to be thankful for.
Hector we headed back to Vegas?

Some crazy Co-ed player (only because im not good enough to play Open though!)