Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Game Ready

I apologize for the title of this post as it belies the content. If you were expecting something like Hector's recent pieces on tournament preparation you will be disappointed.

To the 5 of you still reading, congratulations. Two months ago my right ACL was torn by a somewhat late bid on defense. I see no point in excoriating the team or the player here, as they have been shat upon in private. (Though I would like to give a shout-out to Blackfish, who offered me shade and ice — from their beer no less — on the sideline following that painful pop.) But also it is a disservice to think about that time you got hurt. Lingering on that instant of pain and the dread of a season ending in June do very little to rehab your ______.

No, Hector's season and mine are very different now. But to be sure, they weren't the same from the beginning, having different team and individual goals. Johnny Bravo would do well to win Nationals; Sack Lunch would do well to qualify. Those of you playing this Series have practices and workouts, while some of us have PT workouts. We (the injured, editorial we) are putting in our time and it couldn't be more important. You will not keep a good mark in your last game at Regionals if you do not work out in the next 6 weeks. If we do not work out in the next 6 weeks we never play again (at an acceptable level for the elite ultimate player). Relegated to league and disc golf? No sir. I'll be back. You just won't see me at Solstice... twice attended, twice injured.

As for the Game Ready, I recommend this for anyone who injures something that requires constant icing. "Game Ready" is a bit of a misnomer, but I suspect the origin for such a product was the need to ice professional athletes like baseball pitchers. And besides, "Injured On Your Ass" didn't make it out of focus-grouping.

I am also participating in a long-term study for ACL reconstruction patients. Why not help the torn ACLs of 2017 if all it takes is four surveys (present, 2 years post-op, 6 years, 10 years)? Plus the stipend is off the hook... $80 or something.


Kansas said...

how long is your expected wait time for playing ultimate again? i tore my acl in may in the backdoor final of central regionals and i've been looking around to see when i might be able to start up again based on others' experiences.

degs said...

The timeline for complete recovery (6-12 mos.) is very general because every ACL is different. My surgery was Aug 21 ... I am hoping to catch a few snowboard runs in March/April (7 mos.), ease into ultimate with summer tournaments, and be just about 100% for the '08 Club Series. Last two I know of (Naj, Venus) were fall '06 surgeries and are playing this season.

Anonymous said...

can you recommend an orthopedic in the Boulder area? i've got to have that same surgery done....

bummed out

degs said...

Eric McCarty is my surgeon and supposed to be The Guy. He was recommended to me by a skier and an ultimate player. You could also drop an e-mail to the GRU list... pretty typical to see e-mails on that list requesting doc recommendations.

Rick said...

I went with Cornerstone Orthopedics. I had my surgery in May and was playing in a college tourney (CCC) that following November. I played at nationals the following 2 years and have had no problems. David Schneider was my surgeon.

Anonymous said...

been looking forward to a post on the open ultimate scene after ecc. help us out for those that weren't there. and what did you think of buzz - was it sheer speed that enabled them to score on so many long shots versus all teams? (that is the way the ultivillage videos appear)

Johnny O said...

I used the Game Ready after my knee scope in '05. I loved it and feel it helped me get back on the field a hell of a lot sooner than when I had my first ACL and used ice and a CPM machine.
I liked the Game Ready so much I actually became a sub-distributor of them here in Missoula. Our team used one all season as a prophylactic on Saturday nights of tourneys, between tourneys, etc.
Johnny O
Mental Toss Flycoons, #15