Monday, November 05, 2007

The first heaves...

Oh god. I feel it coming now. Nine days removed from Finals and the tips of my fingers are beginning to tingle. I move away from the computer but the keyboard keeps pulling me back.
I've been dealing with the demons and adjustments of another season finished day and night and today I awoke feeling ready.

So here it comes, these next few weeks: The season, and national championship, in review.

We'll be talking about:
The Curse
My Teammates
Me and my future in this sport.

Let me start this next creative output by saying thank you to all my teammates for my favorite club season to date. We had a fucking blast, and I couldn't have wanted any more from you guys.

Alright, when I've more time this week, more to come.


Muffin said...

hector, if you don't write your thoughts immediately, how will you remember what you actually thought about sockeye?

Jeremy Schall said...

and 2 weeks later still no posts...up yours

Vancouver said...

So what happened? I was looking forward to reading your post.