Monday, March 31, 2008

August 2–3, Boulder, CO

The 6th annual Colorado Cup returns to the pristine Pleasant View complex (also home to UPA College Championships '08 and annual GRUB). We will once again host 32 teams broken down as follows:

  • 8 Men's Elite
  • 12 Women's Elite
  • 12 Men's Open

Amenities will include trainers, massage therapists, discounted airfares to Denver, food & drink, plus a showcase game featuring great ultimate and Boulder Beer.

Information on bids will be available soon, but mark your calendars for one of the summer's best tournaments. From the indicators so far, the Men's Elite div will be a tough nut to crack. But the Men's Open div is getting stronger each year (and any bailers in Elite will be filled from the Open), so I would encourage men's teams to get out here in any case.


moses said...

Hey - Thought I'd let you know that Blackfish (Vancouver open) is planning on coming to Colorado Cup this year. I think I talked to you at Solstice last year about wanting to come but it not working with our Nationals - this year's dates work perfect for us and we're excited to make the trip.