Friday, May 02, 2008

Hector and I have assembled a useful resource for those heading to Boulder. Here you will find a map of area restaurants, grocery stores, and places to get your recreation on. I mean, it's great to know where your hotel, the fields, and the hospital can be found, but you need more than that. Come feast at our table of information (and then at Mountain Sun).

You can also view this map in a new window, sans blog.

This map was created by the authors. It is not really affiliated with the UPA College Championships (in any official way), and we figure it will also be useful for Boulder's other tournaments, Colorado Cup and GRUB.

I wanted to make a PDF, but that will have to wait til Colorado Cup & GRUB. (Bids to both now open.)


age said...

I believe that the "Bustop" is absent from your list :)

Murda said...

No plug for Foolish Craig's??

degs said...

Bustop will go under consideration.

Foolish Craig's is not tops on my list. It's good, but not THAT good. I wanted places that were particularly Boulder-y (Mtn Sun) or places that could accommodate teams (Gondolier). I almost cut Hapa from the list, but the happy hour is good and popular with ultimate players in Boulder.

TRG said...

awesome. i'm having flashbacks to college nationals '99. time to visit boulder again