Monday, May 12, 2008

It's his world, we're only living in it.

Jolian Dahl has been a stud in the scene since he was old enough to apply eye black. Dominant in high school. Dominant in college. Dominant in club. Dominant even during summer league. Thing that struck me most was he was applying the same bitchings, at the same level of severity, across the board from the lowliest Boulder leaguer up to Sockeye's best cutters.

Jolian Dahl is a gentleman playboy. Standing tall next to his match-ups, he looks less like the person they're covering and more like their babysitter. He is, in the college game, a man among boys, full-framed, powerful, with a coveted physique fit for Tiger Beat covers.

Jolian Dahl doesn't care for the paparazzi. He doesn't hate them either, understanding that when Man is presented with such a flawless specimen of himself he is apt to gawk at such perfection. But Jolian pays them no mind. Heckler, photog, fan, by staying true to himself he lives for them all.

Jolian Dahl is spirit. A sport purist. He doesn't cheat because he doesn't want the challenges any easier than they already are. Shocking thing to the rest of us is, he never has to cheat. His team may not always win, but Jolian Dahl always leaves the field a winner. His match-up already knows what's coming. He only hopes no one is watching, because Jolian Dahl is undoubtedly gonna bitch him.

Jolian Dahl is demanding but fair. He only asks that you hold yourself to the same standards that he holds for himself. And when we fail, he metes out brutal but appropriate discipline. Here he is bitch-slapping two Florida players 5 yards back for double-teaming him. Tough, but fair. Spirited. Jolian Dahl is all these things.

There is one thing Jolian Dahl is not, yet. He is not Callahan. He needs to be. He's shown he deserves it, that there are no others that go toe-to-toe, stat by stat. Jolian Dahl, the man who as a freshman playing in the College Championship Finals generated four heart-stopping D blocks, most on 2002 Finals MVP Bart Watson and then got better as the years wore on. Jolian Dahl, who got the disgusting D on Sam C-K (above) in Club Finals '07, who in one game gets more pictures taken of him doing sick things than you will get in your 5 years of college disc, who fights crime in his spare time and still finds time to say hi to you and ask how your family's been, this Jolian Dahl, Mamabird's wings and Johnny Bravo's rocket fuel, is Callahan. He is All-Callahan.

It's on you to make it right by voting for him, by allowing yourself to believe in wills and powers larger than you, and being at peace that they're working for the good guys. Having given you so much, you need give him only this. Your vote. Jolian Dahl.

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Anonymous said...

Good thing Club doesn't count cause if it did people wud be saying '''why did jolian have 2 turnovers on that point if he is so good?''?

just wondering is all, Here. good picture though.

Anonymous said...

Did I hear that MArtin Cocran was gone for half of the season, and then when he came back, they got good again and they have jolian the whole time: wtf?

Hh said...

Y'all no-namers sound like dudes Jolian mighta had to discipline once upon a time. Ornery fools never learned your lessons on respect, either.

Martin Cochran said...

Mamabird struggling in the early part of the season has a lot less to do with me and more to do with the fact that we lost 11 players from last year, including 5 of our best 7 offensive players (all of our best handlers), and Bravo ballers Rabbit and Beau.


Jackley said...

hey anonymous. have some nuts and post your name.

if kurt is so good, then why does he did he throw 3+ turnovers in one point against delaware last year, then turn around and yell at his teammates when they got scored on.

reap the whirlwind.

Anonymous said...

"everyone had turnovers that game - even (especially?) the best throwers in the club game - it was windy as hell, not all turnovers are equal"


"jolian had a large role on both d and o for bravo, and one single two-turnover point is not representative of the impact he made for the team the both for the entire year nor during the national championship game"

there. two examples of perfectly logical responses to the first comment, off of the top of my head.

attacking someone's name (or lack of), instead of their argument (however bad it is), makes both of you look pretty weak. also, who said anything about kurt?

and yes, i am signing anonymous, because it would be too ironic not to.

Anonymous said...

wouldnt it also be ironic for you to say #__, florida?

May( ? )July said...

maybe you're one of the players in that hilarious photo. =P

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