Friday, October 17, 2008

I will be practicing at the No Wisconsequences fields this weekend. Anyone want to share their opinions, support, or concerns about this whole thing I'm all ears, as I'm still trying to cement my opinions on this whole Conference 1 offering. I'm not intimidating in person and I welcome any discussion or debate people want to have face-to-face. I will be practicing with Sub-Zero. I'm the one that looks convincingly Mexican, you should find me fairly easily.

I promise I'll be nice to everyone but Match, who thinks I am a big bully for pointing out his egregious bullshits and insecurities, and thus with him I will behave as such.



DLK said...

hector, you are alienating red-heads from possibly being your facebook friends.
think of the potential/power you are throwing away.

Anonymous said...

Why does Match have such a big problem with you having an opinion about his opinions?


Anonymous said...


I am not a c1 one team. I am not saying my team deserves it. And i am not complaining that my team didn't make it either.

I am frustrated with lack of information. But this is besides the point.

This is your blog and i am asking your opinion. To make things clearer. Lets say c1 is accepted by all the teams they have currently invited. No help from the upa, and the play ins for c1 as are stated in your blog. My Team is a 50-60ish team.

Will c1 help my team? if so how.


Frodaddy said...

Hector, I didn't get a chance to talk to you this weekend, but I was wondering how you think "C2" will work and at what point will it be implimented, not being on a C1 team this is more what matters to me, however, I do think that it is time for some tiered competition, just so as those teams that are deserving can have there shot to make the top 25.

~Fro #23 duluth Ultimate