Wednesday, December 03, 2008

No Sale

Is it safe to assume that Rob's Ultivillage offering this year is going to take a big hit in terms of units sold?

I'm not talking about the ripple effects of the tanking economy spreading into Canada. Nor am I disparaging Rob's product. If trends hold, it'll only be better than his last Disc "X" offering.

Rather, I'm hinting at the giant, previously faithful market that he's lost: the Seattle Club scene. Where in years past, I know many of them have purchased not only one for their house but also copies for family and friends, it strains my imagination to picture Miranda or Wiggins online ordering as many copies of the finals footage as they can to send to loved ones. Without the ego driving the wallet, how many are going to buy anyway?

"Pay attention. This is where we give up thirteen of the next fourteen points!"

Shit, Sockeye's been in finals so often lately some out of the loop might think they bought the wrong DVD when they hit play, get to the "Introducing..." portion where they show prominent players from the semis teams, and no Fish are included. Maybe Rob'll grandfather a few in for old time's sake.

For me, this was the first time in several years I didn't even make it to quarters, but Rob, put me down for two copies!


Anonymous said...

shouldn't there be comparable sales in boston and san fran for the same reasons?

madandy said...

come on hector. where's the nationals post-meniscing? did you go to the new sweetbay or did you stick with publix?

Anonymous said...

ha ha ha ha ha you are a little bitch ha hahahaha

Anonymous said...

assuming team size to be the same, sales should be the same. what hh is saying is that players from seattle, specifically miranda and ben (why do you call him wiggins?) order more dvds than the rest of the country, because they have bigger "egos".

my dear hh, provide some sort evidence backing up your assertions, or your post is meaningless, hearsay dribble, no better than the likes of gossip queen "match diesel".