Friday, February 20, 2009

The Story of Amy Boser

Just kidding friend, don't worry. Last night, my nuanced, detailed, and at times frighteningly accurate breakdown of your mind's inner game will be a moment in both our lives that I will remember for as long as we're friends. But as far as your emotional undressing was concerned, where on the couch in front of a gaggle of increasingly drunker beer pong players I removed from your person the social fabric you cling to and hide behind, that's for us to remember and enjoy.

Let that couch then, and our minds in that moment we shared, be a little like Vegas, and have that memory stay there. At least until I option out my memoirs and flesh the night out into a whole chapter. Because there can be no denying this: the last 24 hours have been an intense emotional roller coaster.

But that is a story for Monday's post.


Anonymous said...


Hh said...

Ok...Riiight. Good on'ya, mate!

ProdigalSon said...

Toad... is that you?

Hector, the idea of somebody hating you enough to still read your posts AND respond to them (ever so eloquently) is outstanding.

They hate you so much they wouldn't even know what to do if you were out of their life. Ignoring you is not an option. They must seek you out, read your post, and post a comment.

Perhaps I'm over thinking this. Maybe this person doesn't want to sign up for a google account and they are showing their appreciation by participating in a roll call of sorts. Hey, anything is better than "Anonymous."

Anonymous said...

wasnt me. the capitolized "F" shoulda told you that.