Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Odd Ends

A lot of turnover on Bravo's roster. Popes moving to be closer to Sarah Palin, Deaver and diapers, Chicken roosting in the east, Whit building a mixed empire, Beau moving in with the love of his life in California, etc, etc.

Wonder if Jam returners occasionally wake up in cold sweats dreaming of the upcoming season saying shit like, "Fuck. Beau on Revolver? Fuck." Cold sweats ensue.

Found it funny that Ultimate Peace, looking for teams to sponsor as a way of defraying costs for their trip to Israel, accepted UPA champs Fury's money from a fundraiser they put on, but denied them Team Partner status because their team name was too...violent. UPA runners-up, Seattle Riot, a team partner, unavailable for comment. Wonder if Brute Squad, Rage, Revolver, Colt .45, and Death or Glory applied...

Big Ass Truck is doing about as well as the Detroit car market. Name retired, players old, but a couple are making a trek for one more season with Chicago's Machine. Three bids from the Central, the race heats up.

Jack Marsh is affected by the recession; has his start date deferred in NYC. PoNY's loss, Sub Zero's gain. Tonight I embrace you as my brother, tomorrow morning as my enemy.

This series, Twitter will be my Score-O-Matic. Plan on updating from Regionals and Natties for Hodag Nation and friends at home.

Hodags do work. Old club dudes give 'em a little taste of experience and humility in a friendly match this weekend. 10 days till Regionals. Five till my birthday. Let's go.


Tyler said...


Jeremy said...

Oh snap, Beau on Revolver? There's no chance he would play with Jam?

This is gonna make Northwest regionals ridiculous this year with only two bids to nationals.

And does this mean that the window for Bravo winning nationals is now closed?

Anonymous said...

mike grant playing with jam

ProdigalSon said...

>>And does this mean that the window for Bravo winning nationals is now closed?


Jeremy said...

Thanks for your insightful comment ProdigalSon!

Hh said...

Mike Grant ,in my opinion the current GPiG, is living on the island of Victoria, and will not be playing for Jam.

ttt said...

Beau will play with revolver for 2 reasons:
1: Beau loves playing AGAINST JAM, not with.

2: Martin is the love of his life (Enessa is moving back to Boudler/Denver.

Anonymous said...

What's your twitter?