Monday, December 12, 2005

You. You look in the mirror and see average. You have insecurities. You feel awkward at times in social situations. You feel especially awkward if those situations include no one who plays disc. You are not the most good looking person on the block. And, when you are hooking up with someone, you are not always the most good looking person in your bed.

But. You are sick at Ultimate. You are a good player. You are known by other teams. You are good at Ultimate. And because of this, you can date people you normally couldn't date. People who are attracted to you because your skills with the disc make you so. You are desirable within Ultimate, coveted even, the name that gets dropped on your team or in your city or region or at nationals. They are hooking up with you because you are you in Ultimate.

You, in turn, are attracted to them in bed with you because they are sick at Ultimate. They are a good player. They are known by other teams. You are hooking up with them because they are who they are in Ultimate.

It might not last. It doesn't matter. You are with them and they are with you. And when you move on, you will be with another. They will be with another. Your others will be great at Ultimate. You will drift off to sleep one night cuddled in their arms, and you will feel good about yourself. Because this is who you are, and this is what you do.


Idaho said...

you must have access to the webcam of the 'brat house'


hudson said...

jesus, ho. what happens in brat house stays in brat house. no exceptions.