Thursday, May 25, 2006

Arrival in Ohio

This afternoon we departed from Madison. Sold as a seven hour drive, Chicago traffic made it ten even hours. We made a slight pit stop at The Cheese place, a small box-shaped building colored like a holstein heifer, to purchase a pound and a half of the best sliced brick I've ever tasted. It was delicious.

At a grocery store stocking supplies, Richter picked up what he thought was a Gatorade Ice bottle. When he went to drink it in the car's darkness later, he found out he picked up an already open bottle that someone had refilled with water and replaced on the shelf. He stressed for the next several hours that he might have drank a gulp of water someone had drugged, pissed in, or infected with a deadly disease. So far he's exhibiting no symptoms, but I've got him under close watch.

After a frenzied half hour of wheeling and dealing on the phone, I was able to find a ride for Anthony David Adams to natties, whom we'd inadvertenly left behind. Part of the process was moving Tyson Park to Parker and Deuce's vehicle in Chicago, and we met up with the three stooges at our hotel. The seven of us now are resting for a full day of ultimate and debauchery starting tomorrow at 8:30.

Oh, and never eat breakfast at a Country Kitchen. Just don't.


Skizip said...

Keep the score-o-matic voice updates coming tomorrow. can't wait to read a recap of the day.

Singo said...

Are you one of the Hodag alums the team is apologizing for?

Hh said...


_dusty_ said...

He did say I look like
Jeff Gordon
which is practically the same as calling me an autofellating ass-felcher. I demand an apology.

Most of the "alums" who were acting out were not actually former Hodags, from what I'm told. I saw several members of the '03 team over the course of the weekend and none of them were doing anything out of the ordinary. I didn't recognize a lot of the guys wearing Hodags t-shirts when I observed their game with Pitt. Apparently these were the guys for whom the apology was made.