Thursday, May 25, 2006

On the road again...

Richter, Tater, Jen and I departed tuesday night from Boulder, CO.

My brother has graduated from college and it was time for a trip home, and a return to Boulder by way of Columbus, Ohio.

Excitement was heavy. It would be 15 hours to Madison, another 10 to Columbus, and then about 22 back home.
Two Mamabird alums in a car with a Wisconsin alum on this particular weekend would normally be trouble. While it's true that the drive back promises to be heartbreaking for at least one of us, we are a strong group and we understand the game. There can be only one winning team. We look forward to all the shit that comes with the territory.

Some notes.
We went to the Essen House yesterday with Grant Zukowski, Mike Degnan, MKD, and Andrew Brown. Put down around 8-10 boots. There were several boot and rallies. A long walk back to Brown's, and then passing out. Great time. The rules of the boot will be discussed in greater detail later.

There will be a Hodag v Mamabird alumni game at nationals. Hotbox, 3v3 is most likely. We encourage other alums to get their team in order, We'll have a round robin tourney with the top finishers going straight to finals. Games will probably happen friday afternoon and saturday between prequarters and quarters. Get your game on.

I'll continue with the chronicles of the journey as it progresses, and will try to write some more tonight when we arrive in Ohio.


Cmoney said...

dont forget what made that ride a little better....