Thursday, September 07, 2006


Kenny Dobyns recently went on his website to deliver his mea culpa for promising to write some hot posts during the summer and then delivering exactly 0 hot posts. But in typical KD style, it was less mea culpa and more tough shit.

So, to those reading Ultimate Talk for the last couple months, tough shit. My absence this summer wasn't preceeded with a promise to really write more once school got out and all the elementary school rug-rats busied themselves because I had no intention of writing one syllable about ultimate. I took the entire summer off of work, played a lot of disc, and wrote a lot about anything else. The break was nice, and necessary.

And now the season ramps up, with many teams playing sectionals next weekend and all major tournaments over with the exception of Chicago Heavyweights, which will be played this coming weekend on drycrete with pencil shavings spread thinly over the top, if I recall correctly. The only thing harder than those fields is Cheney's blackened heart.

Now, I return to look at previous posts and the only one really still toiling is gcooke, the lone rower bent on getting this ship out to sea. The blitzkrieg of bots pushing everything from vegas to viagra has taken a toll on the site, and the comraderie that existed between collective comments on posters is gone now, replaced by programs that suck Idris' dick at preset intervals, "Nice Site!"

The UPA apologized for the delay in announcing next year's college nationals, then underwhelmed somewhat with its return to Ohio. At least I've got the trip out and back nearly memorized. Still, it seemed like after the whole "someone almost died in Austin" talk, the options were limited. How about back to Boulder in '08?

So, I have several blog drafts already written, some sharp barbs saved up for a few special people, and other titles and ideas for things I can write about on this blog. But I promise nothing. That way each time I actually do post, it'll be like the mint on your pillow with your turndown service, just a nice little addition to your otherwise hectic day.


Idaho said...

So I live in a small little ultimate compound called the Brat House in Seattle, right next to Ravenna Park. My room is officially ass because It’s not connected to the house at all. Just one door down near the park. When I piss, I usually pee in a cone and toss it into the park over the edge towards a beehive near my door……….
I had this f*cked up dream last night where as I was tossing the cone of piss and I hear a, ‘Hey buddy…..come here pal”, in a high pitch Mogwai type voice. I look under the brush a bit , and see a rabbit. WTF? a talking rabbit? he tells me to shut up and pay attention. Apparently there is a Park battle going on between the rabbits and the bees and I’ve been fighting the good fight by drenching those little bastards every 1-2 hours (if I’m on my meds). He asks me if I want a hint on how to get to the “PunchBowl”. Apparently, it’s a mythical 24-7 dance club set in the 80’s electrorock era. How is that possible? Who give a sh*t. I’m in. he leads me around the path a bit and i see five little carved footprints (plyo 5 step configuration) on a small concrete circle with two wood rods sticking out of it. I get to work on the 5 step, and all of a sudden I’m being vacuumed sucked through an intensely-lit tube. (think Contact or Running Man).
I’m dropped into a clear white room that fills with oddly colored liquid, and then flushed out dry through a drain and onto a sick ass dancefloor that’s bumping……some Afrika Bambaataa & The Soul Sonic Force.(Frantic Situation to be exact).
Hell yeah. I head to the bar where I see Stephen Hawking dressed in a Members Only jacket and white Painters Hat turned to the side. He’s in his electric cyborg chair, and he’s on an Etch-a-sketch that’s hooked up to a LCD screen behind the bar. In Wild-Style type graffiti it says. Mobility is for Suckas. Sick. I hear his creepy artificial Speak-and-Spell voice say, ‘this drink is from the lady at the end of the bar……….it’s has Face Drano in it……..drink it……now…..”. at the end of the bar is Courntey Barlow.
Things are looking up…………..WAKEY WAKEY.


Gambler said...

Nice to hear you're enjoying the room, Ho. And, does this mean Chingo Dreams are back?

Anonymous said...

Yes........He's back.

Skizip said...

ho, I've heard rumors that you'll be down under, but haven't actually invested the time to solve the case. lets just communicate through hector's blog.

The Burn is almost statewide down here. On the news I think i saw W wave 4 fingers in the press corp's face at a press conference in Crawford.