Saturday, September 30, 2006

It happened last week, shortly after we finished off a shelacking of our outclasses sectionals opponents. The game just clicked. After a preseason of downs and downs, highlighted mostly by eeking out $1000 at the Texas Shootout and using Sub Zero as a pick-me-up victim at Labor Day, we started understanding each other.

Let it be known, Johnny Bravo is beginning to click, and the time is right. It's go time.

I just noticed this on the web. Gymnogyps californianus is endangered. Species slated for extinction next Sunday. Paymaster now shops here. Because he knows we're coming for him.

The Johnny Bravo '06 season is beginning to take form.


(picture caption: Timothy Paymaster awaits his proctology exam at the hands of veterinarian Jolian Dahl, on right)


Idaho said...

as Skizip would say,


good luck at regionals holmes.


Corey said...

Idaho you mo fo bitch. You shouldn't be wishing "good luck" against the guys that kindly made you a member of Team USA.