Saturday, April 28, 2007

That's Gotta Hurt

The Atlantic Coast has three bids to nationals. NC State is ineligible for the Series, having missed the roster deadline because of undisclosed problems with the registrar. That's gotta suck. I don't even know what to say about this other than: sorry dudes. I feel ya.

One bid for the Southwest Region. One. Neither Colorado nor San Diego able to move beyond quarters, and with the team density lighter than Nicole Richie eliminating any hope for a size bid, two very good teams will lose out for the single spot, then hit up Score-O-Matic Memorial Day weekend to follow the Northeast #2 team's exciting results. Or poke an eye.

BTW, how is Penn State doing these days? Colorado Kali picked up a grad student from their shamed program, and though her feisty play tagged her for a broken arm two weeks before Regionals while playing at some worthless East Coast tourney, she'll probably pop a couple morphine and play anyways. But, seriously, how is Penn State? For all they had to suffer through, I hope the punishment wasn't enough to extinguish their drive to exist and compete. Isis, if I recall, was very good the year they were suspended.

Oberlin College didn't make Regionals this year. The Flying Horsecows, despite their sweet logo, did not bring it to Sectionals. Horsecows alumni look on with furrowed brows and disapproving glares.

My hair is short. That doesn't hurt. It feels very nice.


Jeff said...

Penn State ultimate Frisbee team searches for new athletes

By Alyson Cohen Daily Collegian

August 15, 2007

UNIVERSITY PARK, PA (CSTV U-WIRE -- The Penn State's men's ultimate Frisbee team is back in session, and is looking for new members to help contribute to a winning season.

Ultimate Frisbee has become a recognized sport on campus, gaining more and more members every year. The team is comprised of over 45 members separated into an A team and a B team, with practices four to six times a week. The club is looking for those interested in playing the sport in a more aggressive setting.

"Last year was the first year that we were able to have tournaments at home after being suspended for two years," team captain Keith Stern (senior - engineering sciences) said. "We are looking for players to help rebuild the team and help get our name back as we enter the 2007 season."

In 2004, the club was suspended after a home tournament against other colleges. After the tournament, the fields were ruined with the extensive overuse of the contact sport and inclement weather conditions.

The team got fined, which they are still trying to pay off as they enter a new season.

"We have regular dues like all the other club sports," Stern said. "But we also have to work in booths at every home football game to help with expenses and help pay back the left over fines."

The Frisbee team travels to different tournaments across the nation, playing up to 11 games in one weekend. It has played in places as far as Florida, but still one of its most competitive rivals is close to home -- the University of Pittsburgh.

Last season's team finished fifth in its division, but it is still looking forward to doing even better this year. Returning players want to see new members join because they were shut out from advancing to regionals last season.

"I love playing Frisbee, it's the best sport," Justin Colon (junior - information science and technology) said. "I think that we are going to do better this year because we have a new captain. Hopefully we will be good enough to make it to regionals or nationals."

The team will be holding an involvement fair and a Blue and White game in early fall for anyone who wants to join.

They are accepting anyone who enjoys playing ultimate Frisbee. There will be two to three weeks of practices in order to get ready for the home tournament, the Fall Phling in late September

The PSU alum you refer to was Erin Crider. She plays really well with broken bones and off the chart without. The women's team Isis will also be back.

Hh said...

hmm, what's an april post doing on the front page of ultimate talk? wtf?

Hh said...

thanks for the update, tho, Jeff. And I know Crider.

Jeff said...

hmm ... a vehicle to promote the return of Spank and Isis, brag up on the alumni ... or more nefarious reasons